Worldometer Graphs

Worldometers is a website with a huge amount of information, particularly here about coronavirus.

The graphs below were snipped from the Worldometers website on 15th October 2020. The countries were selected mainly for number of deaths per million but also for total number of deaths or for being in Europe. Although for most countries there does seem to be a big rise in cases being detected there is very little evidence that this increase is causing a significant increase in death rates. Bear in mind that not all countries use the same criteria for determining a Covid-19 death. However, it's reasonable to assume that most countries will be consistent with their accuracy/inaccuracy and thus the graphs you see are good evidence that coronavirus deaths are generally in decline. You could argue that this is entirely due to lockdowns (except for Sweden) but then you'd need to explain how the huge increase in detected cases is not leading to a corresponding huge increase in deaths. We await... Many so-called experts predicting doom may be looking for excuses.

I had expected to update these graphs weekly but as of of 15th October there seems no need - there is is no dramatic change in any of them. You can see the latest graphs using the links. Although cases seem to be rising in some countries there is little corresponding increase in deaths. Lots of hope in there. Let's see how October goes.

Austria - (Population: 9,006,398)
Covid Deaths Austria
Belgium - (Population: 11,589,623)
Covid Deaths Belgium
Bolivia - (Population: 11,673,021)
Covid Deaths Bolivia
Brazil - (Population: 212,559,417)
Covid Deaths Brazil
Canada - (Population: 37,742,154)
Covid Deaths Canada
Colombia - (Population: 50,882,891)
Covid Deaths Colombia
Denmark - (Population: 5,792,202)
Covid Deaths Denmark
Ecuador - (Population: 17,643,054)
Covid Deaths Ecuador
France - (Population: 65,273,511)
Covid Deaths France
Germany - (Population: 83,783,942)
Covid Deaths Germany
Italy - (Population: 60,461,826)
Covid Deaths Italy
Netherlands - (Population: 17,134,872)
Covid Deaths Netherlands
Peru - (Population: 32,971,854)
Covid Deaths Peru
Portugal - (Population: 10,196,709)
Covid Deaths Portugal
Spain - (Population: 46,754,778)
Covid Deaths Spain
Sweden - (Population: 10,099,265)
Covid Deaths Sweden
United Kingdom - (Population: 67,886,011)
Covid Deaths United Kingdom
United States - (Population: 331,002,651)
Covid Deaths United States
Covid Deaths Worldwide