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Last edited 2021-01-27

Worldometers is a website with a huge amount of information, particularly here about coronavirus.

The graphs below were snipped from the Worldometers website on 26th January 2021. The countries were selected mainly for number of deaths per million but also for total number of deaths or for being in Europe.

After the initial surge in deaths early in 2020 most countries had a much easier period from May to September. Almost every country found it could follow the example set by the Chinese and "lockdown" their populace, removing their civil liberties with the bribe this would reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Maybe this had limited benefit but there is no proof. Countries that followed a non-lockdown policy did not seem to fare any worse than those where citizens were oppressed. Similarly, in the USA, states that chose a non-lockdown route did not suffer more than those that did. All in all it's very hard to find a Worldometer graph that correlates any lockdown with a good outcome. On the other hand it's an unequivocal success for Sweden with no oppressive lockdown (mainly just guidance) and a very optimistic outlook for recovery.

Austria - (Population: 9,006,398)
Covid Deaths Austria
Belgium - (Population: 11,589,623)
Covid Deaths Belgium
Bolivia - (Population: 11,673,021)
Covid Deaths Bolivia
Brazil - (Population: 212,559,417)
Covid Deaths Brazil
Canada - (Population: 37,742,154)
Covid Deaths Canada
Colombia - (Population: 50,882,891)
Covid Deaths Colombia
Denmark - (Population: 5,792,202)
Covid Deaths Denmark
Ecuador - (Population: 17,643,054)
Covid Deaths Ecuador
France - (Population: 65,273,511)
Covid Deaths France
Germany - (Population: 83,783,942)
Covid Deaths Germany
Italy - (Population: 60,461,826)
Covid Deaths Italy
Netherlands - (Population: 17,134,872)
Covid Deaths Netherlands
Peru - (Population: 32,971,854)
Covid Deaths Peru
Portugal - (Population: 10,196,709)
Covid Deaths Portugal
Spain - (Population: 46,754,778)
Covid Deaths Spain
Sweden - (Population: 10,099,265)
Covid Deaths Sweden
United Kingdom - (Population: 67,886,011)
Covid Deaths United Kingdom
United States - (Population: 331,002,651)
Covid Deaths United States
Covid Deaths Worldwide

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