brian jones
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I like to make things. From early childhood I would make model boats and planes, dabble with guitars, amplifiers, motorbikes. Then I got a degree in mechanical engineering and found myself working in the construction industry. My degree course had introduced me to computers but my career path in the early 1970s did not give me a chance to use these; they were big machines before the first microcomputers arrived. In 1983 I got my first micro, then an Amstrad PCW, then a PC and onwards.

I found I could program all these machines, in one way or another, to do something amusing or to do something useful. And so it goes on, learning new languages and applying them in the space I have. Writing programs to calculate which steel beams to use; developing databases; making websites. By 1999 I had left the construction industry and found myself working for a marketing company, developing their management systems. Now retired and as busy as ever. Love it!

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