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As a preface to this site I must point out that I might not be right but I do believe in freedom of speech. My opinions are, of course, personal, and yours are your own and quite probably different as you will be influenced in other ways. I endeavour to provide facts based on non-commercial sources. I do not watch television news. I do not read newspapers. I have no time for cranky theories like conspiracy or 5G. I do not have any social media accounts. I'm looking for facts and signs of hope — we all look for hope.
I do not dismiss the seriousness of Covid-19.

Back to normal

A group of normal people — that is, "normal people" as opposed to "new normal people" — have a website loaded with information and links that will shock you about the way we are manipulated and fed flavoured information. The back to normal website is a must read for anyone who is curious about information from a wide variety of reliable sources.

Even if you don't use social media you must admit that nowadays social media has huge influence on a large part of the population. A report from Oxford University's Oxford Internet Institute has found that governments and political parties are increasingly paying private companies to manipulate public opinion using social media platforms. The report identified the UK government as among the worst offenders for conducting influence operations on social media. So if you find yourself agreeing with the government it may well be that you have been influenced by what you have read and seen on TV.

If you're convinced that the only way out is lockdowns and vaccine please leave now. If you have an open and curious mind please read on.

Worldwide Covid Policy

Just for a background on how the World Health Organisation (WHO) is influenced and influences, watch this. Seems like like the Chinese are major players and you'll be surprised what we have to thank them for.

UK Covid Policy

UK policy in early 2021 continues to be about preventing the NHS from being overwhelmed and we must remain under house arrest until... Given that many previous years have seen the NHS overwhelmed in the winter months, and with predictions of huge numbers coming up, you might have expected extra resources to be in place. Sadly, there aren't. Yes, the NHS is struggling and staff are rightly considered in high regard, but the simple fact is that the governance of the NHS has not met the challenge. The NHS has failed us. It's bonkers to blame the public — we're doing our best not to be ill be but living is a fact of life.

The extra problem for our NHS in the winter 2020/21 is lack of staff due to self-isolation and stress. You can't help wondering, why, if they were so sure there would be a second wave, the government couldn't have recruited people to staff the otherwise empty "Nightingales". Those staff wouldn't have needed a degree in nursing, just a willingness to be paid, wear the PPE and follow instructions — same as for doing Covid tests or other newly discovered needs. Don't tell me that's not possible, as this government has boasted so many other world-beating achievements.

The NHS has never had a crisis like this before

New headlines But, crisis in the NHS is normal in winter months. These headlines are from January 2018. See here to focus on the date, in case you think this is fraudulent image.

Looking at this from a different angle — being overwhelmed by an imbalance of numbers between patients and beds — it can fairly be said that the NHS is not what it was. The total number of NHS hospital beds in England, including general and acute, mental illness, learning disability, maternity and day-only beds, has more than halved over the last 30 years, from around 299,000 in 1987/88 to 141,000 in 2018/9, while the number of patients treated has increased significantly. No surprise then, that a bit of panic can set in when they're not prepared. But don't blame the public for the lack of beds!

For an interesting take on governance you might enjoy this clip from Yes Minister.


Covid Graph Using data provided by the UK government we can see that the death rate of those dying within 28 days of a positive Covid test increased dramatically in early January, however, it now seems past its peak. Despite my earlier hope that this seasonal surge would not be as severe, it may still follow the expected decline as we head into spring and summer.

Doubtless there are many thousands of people in the community who are currently infected with Covid but are very unlikely to die or need to go to hospital. Add to this the number from an ONS report showing the probability that over 12% of the population in England over the age of 16 already has Covid antibodies (i.e. are considerably immune), we have a good chance that things are improving. (Note in the same report Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not as well protected but no correlation is made between this and their more severe lockdowns. Simple fact, if you've never been exposed to a disease you're more likely to succumb when it arrives.) (Also note below that the Swedish population has nearly 40% with antibodies. You can't help but wonder why.)

As most deaths occur in people with underlying health problems, it remains the case that the chances of dying if you're reasonably healthy is negligible, no matter what your age. It's a fact that very few people live to 100. If a death is imminent anyway, it will occur soon. [If anyone tells you this is all worth it if it saves one life... bestow kindness and sympathy, for they have no regard for the future.]

As at Tuesday 03/08/2021 this is the official graph of deaths with Covid-19. This is the bottom line — you're very unlikely to die because of Covid-19. Negligible if you're under 65 and not too serious if you're under 80.

Another interesting link on statistics is this summary of a pilot study into the efficacy of vitamin D. [ It refers to the original document here ]. Again this gives more hope and it's surprising that there aren't more people trying to prove or disprove it.

Did you know that the average age of death in the UK from Covid is well over 80? It's not killing young people but the current policies are destroying their present and their future.
Average age of deaths

There have been some press and TV reports in January 2021 that more younger people are being hospitalised recently. It appears this is anecdotal evidence, typical of media reporting, and not supported by any available statistics.

More graphs from around the world.

Abuse of Emergency Powers

The government has taken on "emergency powers" that enables a small cohort to make up rules without wider reference. Decisions are being made by ministers chosen for their passion for Brexit rather than any proven skills in the departments they run; decisions that ignore the wealth of evidence indicating their folly; decisions strongly influenced by the media. They say they are following the science but we know that's not true as the science is only allowed if it agrees with the politics.

Sneakily, on 5th January of The Government extended lockdown laws to give councils the power to close pubs, restaurants, shops and public spaces until July 17th 2021. If you still think you live in a democracy write to your MP and ask how they voted.

See how badly Sweden compares

Much has been made of Sweden's failure to lockdown. Sure, Sweden has taken precautions and issued advice but Sweden has not become a totalitarian police state as we have in the UK. Sweden has been widely mocked by the UK media for its failure to lockdown and doing its best to keep society open. See the graphs below and judge for yourself which policy works best. Check worldometers for yourself if you don't believe the graphs.

So let's compare how UK and Sweden have fared to early January 2021 due to Covid-19
Data from

UK covid deaths
UK covid deaths

The UK population is about 67 million. Sweden has about 10 million. The UK graph peaks at about 1000 and the Sweden graph peaks about 100, so one country is doing a lot better in proportion. By the end of 2020 UK GDP was estimated to have fallen by an impressive 11% and Sweden's GDP by only 3%. There can be no doubt that the economic damage will have a significant impact on health, so even if this year's death rates are not much different the eventual outcome will be much better for Sweden than for the UK. And Swedes are not being oppressed by snitching neighbours and zealous police.

When the Swedes conceded that they could have done things better this was paraded in the UK press that "the Swedes got it wrong!". Just how wrong did they get it?

The graph below doesn't get shown in the mass media — hardly surprising as it contradicts their narrative. It shows the share of the tested population with antibodies to Covid in Sweden week by week, beginning in the 28th week of 2020 (the first week for which the Swedish Public Health Authority provides data on the share of tests coming back positive).
UK covid deaths
It's taken from a blog by a young doctor in Stockholm.

From mid December Sweden's government is recommending wearing face masks on public transport during the rush hour. Compare this to sitting on an almost empty bus or railway carriage in the UK and being harassed by police and FORCED to wear a mask even when you're not sitting near anyone.

I know where I'd rather be.

Who's suffering?

Although all generations are suffering, it's the youngest who will suffer most and longest. The younger they are the more years they will be paying back this huge debt incurred just to keep us oldies going a bit longer. This is not just a huge debt, it is an unprecedented debt that will inevitably lead to unforeseen consequences.

Children are suffering enormous harms in so many ways:

These harms will play out well beyond the lives of the current politicians. But maybe, just maybe, those children who don't grow up with a lockdown induced psychosis, will come to recognise the folly of 2020/22 and be determined to never let it happen again. It could take many decades before some equilibrium can be restored between those who still managed to get some education and those who were abandoned.

It's unreasonable to assume that all old people want to live in continuum in these unpleasant circumstances of fear and deprivation and, in some cases, not even aware of being alive. Normal health maintenance has been abandoned. It's very sad. Personally, I'd rather my children and grandchildren were free to enjoy their lives and I'll take my chances, cautiously, in that same freedom. I'm not greedy for a few more years of old age at such a huge cost to them.

If people aren't ill enough to need hospital treatment and are not dying a lot sooner than expected, there must be questions about why we are being made to suffer so much to avoid NOT being dead.

We're NOT in this together

The worst, the very worst of the political drives is to encourage people to snitch on others if they're not following the very latest diktat. What better way is there of achieving control of society than setting people against people, with anonymity that ensures you SUSPECT EVERYONE. Who's the quisling? Who can you trust? Was it a neighbour or a passer-by? Does the government not understand that it's creating a 1984 society? What would George Orwell say? Everyone is encouraged and empowered to agree with the government - but liable for punishment if they disagree. Hey, what country is this? Certainly not the country I grew up in... but wait...

Perhaps the majority never look behind the propaganda and still think the BBC is a reliable source of news. No surprise then, if the BBC reports a large number of deaths or cases or whatever, it's accepted as a serious alarm and increases agreement to be subjugated. However, the BBC does not balance this with what these numbers mean in a context. No apologies from the BBC though, they reported the story in their one-sided way. Ofcom has banned dissent from Covid orthodoxy but they don't seem bothered if the misinformation supports the government. Funny that!

I am 73 years old and thus more likely to die if I get Covid-19 than people younger than me. I'm questioning the UK government's doctrinaire policies that hurt so many people yet have not "conquered the virus". Their policies have destroyed so many things I hold dear and have enjoyed in my latter years — live entertainment, social interaction, British culture, smiling faces, holidays etc. All gone. Perhaps the most sinister thing of all is that the government has discovered that the majority of the population is as easily controlled as those in China.

If you're brave enough, watch this YouTube video.


The majority of testing for Covid-19 uses the PCR test. The inventor of the PCR test never intended it for this purpose but it seems to have been grabbed by governments all over the world as THE test despite its unreliability and false positive rate. Another test, much quicker and simpler to use, is the LFT (lateral flow test). This seems to have a problem of too many false negatives. The BMJ has the the story.

However, there is a much better test than either of those and is actually a pleasure to use. It is very accurate and very quick. You can see it demonstrated here on YouTube Covid test.

Lockdowns Don't Work

Many of us are old and not reliant on employment for our income, but for all those younger than us, who've had their lives shattered by lockdowns, lockdowns are a disaster. And the really sad thing is that lockdowns don't work. There's endless evidence that lockdowns have not improved death rates but have severely impacted normal life and will have serious consequences long after we're gone. Even the WHO is moving against lockdowns, realising that the harm done is not justified. This is not suggesting business-as-normal but rather that are better ways of steering the public into safer ways of behaviour — ways that will save many more lives in the future and not be driven by numbers reported this week.

Apart from your own experience of multiple lockdowns and nothing is fixed, just do a search on "lockdowns don't work" to find a wealth of articles illustrating their pointlessness.

Some common sense from the WHO

There's some sensible advice here from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Apart from advocating masks - and then a lot of instructions to follow if they're to be of any use - the general tenor of the article is just what any grown-up would be aware of.

The WHO admits in previous articles and interviews that masks are only advocated because of political pressure, not because there is any proof that they are useful. Indeed, if you read the instructions on how to use them you will realise that no one does it properly and thus they only represent a show of compliance or signal of virtue.

The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration was drawn up by three epidemiologists and public health experts from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford universities, who describe their approach as "Focused Protection" of the people most at risk.

The authors — Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard, Sunetra Gupta, professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford, and Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine and economics at Stanford — said that because older people were 1000 times more likely to die of covid-19 than younger people, an "age stratified" approach could allow resources to be focused on older and high risk groups, while allowing younger and healthier people to attend school and keep businesses open.

They argue that Focused Protection would reduce the "collateral harms" of lockdown. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.

Return to normal

The quickest way to return to normal is for the government to admit that lockdowns have failed, then admit that this virus is not as deadly as first thought and encourage people to remove their masks but take care and be responsible. Those who are worried can take their own precautions. Just like it would have been before the Internet.

A new back to normal website has been launched with loads of sound information and graphs telling what's happening. The link is to their home page but the site has a lot of content accessible from its menu. Well worth a read. © 2005 - 2021